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Make givby+ donations from your bank account with the Dwolla certified bank-to-bank payment network.

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Dwolla enables givby to bypass credit card fees, which makes small donations as low as $1.00 practical.

Dwolla provides the highest security to protect your data with TRUSTe, McAfee, Verisign, and other partners.


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3 easy steps to 1-click giving:

step 1 register with Dwolla (on this page)

step 1 authorize givby on Dwolla (up next)

step 1 add a bank account to Dwolla (done!)

1-time setup & good to go!

Dwolla does not charge you for making givby donations through their system. In fact, they even send you a little money when they verify your bank account!
Givby does not charge you either, but we do keep five cents of every dollar to cover our costs before sending your donation on to the nonprofit.
Without givby+ we need to keep fifteen cents of every dollar instead to cover credit card costs before giving the money to the nonprofit.
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